What does constipation really mean?

When your digestive system isn’t functioning properly—causing difficult or infrequent bowel movements, you might be constipated. Being regular can range from three bowel movements a day to three times a week depending on your age, what you eat and your daily exercise. 1

So what causes it, anyway?

Every action has a reaction. Certain diet and lifestyle choices, as well as physiological changes, surgery and medications can trigger constipation. When stool cannot quickly pass through your digestive system, it becomes hard and dry. 1

Let’s talk digestion.

You eat, food travels through your body, you poop. When movement stops or excess water absorbs into the bloodstream, constipation occurs. 2

Tooting. What makes us gassy?

Gas is simply air entering your digestive tract. But unlike burping, gas passing through the anus may contain sulfur (i.e. unpleasant odors). 1

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